Virgin Vapor Banana Coconut Colada Review
this vape is amazing! you really taste the banana and coconut. Its like drinking a banana flavored coconut drink!
Has that kind of artificial taste
7.9Overall Score
Throat Hit7.8
Personal Slant7.2
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Strength: 12 mg

Size: 7 ml (Also available: 15 ml for $10.99, 30 ml for $17.99)

Options: 100-percent vegetable glycerin, regular flavor strength

Notes : Complex flavors of fruit and rum. Only slightly sweet.

Virgin Vapor’s Banana Coconut Colada  is the first I’ve ever tested that compelled my wife, from the moment I opened the bottle, to ask when I was going to write my review just so she could smell it again. I’m inclined to agree with her; you can tell right from the start that this e-liquid is something special. I’ve tasted tropical e-liquids before, most notably Halo’s Malibu Menthol, which I liked. However, while Malibu Menthol is a fairly sweet Banana Coconut Colada  flavor with a bit of menthol to cool the vapor, Virgin Vapor’s take on a Banana Coconut Colada e-liquid is a bit warmer, less sweet and more complex.

In my recent review of Virgin Vapor’s Root Beer Float e-liquid, I remarked that there was a bit of strangeness in vaping an e-liquid designed to taste like a beverage you’d consume cold. Somehow, though, I find that Banana Coconut Colada works better. Maybe it’s the addition of a third flavor note, which reminds me of the rum that a Banana Coconut Colada cocktail usually contains. Of course, the requisite coconut and pineapple notes are there as well, and because this is a Virgin Vapor e-liquid, the flavors used are all organic and natural. The two primary flavor notes are clear and balanced, with neither overpowering the other.

According to the label, my bottle of Banana Coconut Colada  e-liquid has a nicotine strength of 12 mg. However, it seems much stronger to me — more like 18 mg. Assuming there’s no mistake, this e-liquid has a pretty powerful throat hit at low nicotine levels, and if you are looking for an e-liquid that offers a bit of sweetness as well as a strong sensation of nicotine, this would be one to try.

Although I’ve experienced a few misses while reviewing Virgin Vapor’s e-liquids, Banana Coconut Colada is one that I can recommend to just about anyone. If you like a bit of sweetness, you’ve got it here — and with none of the “artificial sweetener” note that I detected in Virgin Vapor’s Root Beer Float e-liquid. If you like throat hit, Banana Coconut Colada definitely delivers. If you’ve ever tried fruit-flavored or tropical e-liquids in the past and been put off by a “Jolly Rancher candy” flavor, try this e-liquid; I think you’ll be pleased.

Price: $9.60, $11.50, $19.99.

Bottle Sizes Available : Glass Dropper Style Bottles.Tester, 1/3 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz.