Virgin Vapor Kona Coffee Milkshake
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Strength: 12 mg

Size: 7 ml (also available: 15 ml bottle for $10.99, 30 ml bottle for $17.99)

Options: 100-percent vegetable glycerin, extra flavor

I recently found that I needed to replenish my supply of Boge 510 cartomizers, which gave me a perfect excuse to try a new organic e-liquid from Virgin Vapor. My first order from Virgin Vapor included a couple of clunkers, but I felt that the fact I didn’t like some of the flavors had more to do with my poor flavor selection than with Virgin Vapor’s e-liquid quality. All of the e-liquids had excellent performance and I really like Virgin Vapor’s theme of using all organic flavorings. For my second order, I decided to follow the crowd and choose Kona Coffee Milkshake, Virgin Vapor’s most popular e-liquid flavor and an award winner to boot. I definitely was not disappointed.

Although Kona Coffee Milkshake is a bit too sweet for me to use every day, I really like the great coffee flavor that Virgin Vapor used to create this e-liquid. No, it doesn’t taste exactly like I’m vaping real Kona coffee, but it is by far a more realistic coffee flavor than in any e-liquid I’ve ever tried. The ice cream flavor notes really come through, too; during a long session of vaping Kona Coffee Milkshake in preparation for this review, I noticed that my mouth actually tasted like I’ve been eating ice cream. Not bad for something without any calories or fat to worry about!

A lot of e-liquids, regardless of their flavors, can be quite mild tasting; you taste almost nothing while inhaling them, and the full range of flavors comes through only on the exhale. That is definitely not the case with this e-liquid. The taste of coffee is quite strong on the inhale, and the ice cream notes come through on the exhale. Adding to the overall pleasure is the fact that this e-liquid has an absolutely wonderful smell. For a few seconds after you exhale the vapor, Kona Coffee Milkshake makes the room smell like some kind of high-end coffee shop — you certainly couldn’t say that if you were smoking cigarettes!

As I mentioned above, Kona Coffee Milkshake is a bit too sweet of an e-liquid for me to use every day. If you like dessert e-liquids, though, you must try it. It’s also a must-try if you have ever tried and enjoyed a coffee e-liquid before, because I can guarantee that you’ve never had a coffee e-liquid like this one. Lastly, this is a great e-liquid to try if you are tired of e-liquids with poorly defined flavors. Kona Coffee Milkshake is an e-liquid that is tasty, unique and far from shy.