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It is no secret that I am incredibly fond of the combination of the Volcano Inferno e-cig and the Lava atomizer. No other product that I have tried matches this combo for vapor production and battery life, and although I love trying other products, the Inferno and Lava are what I always come back to.

However, the original drip tip for the Lava atomizer has a problem; it’s a little short. The original drip tip (made for the Cisco atomizer, which Volcano no longer sells) was not designed for the Inferno electronic cigarette, and doesn’t stick as far out of the cone as it should. While it does work, it looks a little odd and doesn’t feel as nice in the mouth as the Magma drip tip does.

Volcano’s new XL drip tip resolves this issue. Although other companies sell a drip tip similar to this one, they charge as much as $8.00 for it, which I’m reluctant to pay for a black plastic mouthpiece. Volcano charges just $3.49, which I think is much more reasonable.

The Lava XL drip tip is made from black delrin, a type of high-stability plastic originally made by DuPont in the 1950s. The material is hard, stands up to heat, and resists cracking. I still have the original drip tip from my first Cisco atomizer, and still fits on the atomizer as tightly as it did when I first bought it. The XL drip tip has a similar tight fit and has not leaked on me at all.

If you have ever been turned off by the tendency of the Cisco atomizer to squirt the user in the mouth when over-filled or dislike the heat being so close to your lips, I am pleased to report that the XL drip tip stays quite cool and has not sent any liquid into my mouth.

Another benefit of the XL drip tip, which is also shared by the original Cisco drip tip, is that the plastic feels much better in the mouth than the anodized aluminum drip tip for the Magma atomizer. Lip balm also has a tendency to come off on the aluminum drip tip, creating a white buildup that must be scraped off periodically. The delrin XL drip tip does not have this issue.

Volcano’s new XL drip tip for the Lava atomizer resolves the small problems that I had with the original Cisco drip tip, and it makes the Inferno electronic cigarette virtually perfect. At only $3.49, I highly recommend picking one up with your next order.

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