A Voopoo drag is a vape that produces a powerful explosion with a big cloud experience. It is designed in a metal craft and resin art, thus its unique feature. A Voopoo drag is the best option for a portable kit.

The composition of a Voopoo drag

A Voopoo drag package has the following

  • A drag device
  • A 2ml pod
  • Two coils
  • A type C cable
  • A manual
  • Warrant card
  • Chip card

Features of a Voopoo Drag

  • It has an inbuilt battery with a capacity of 2500mAh
  • It has an output voltage of 3.2 to 4.2 V
  • It has an e-liquid capacity of 4.5ml
  • The device is made of zinc alloy
  • Specially designed with an airflow adjustment.

How do I use a Voopoo Drag?

  1. You must press the fire button five times to switch on or on the Voopoo drag.
  2. Hold power and the up button simultaneously to lock or unlock the device.
  3. To change the mode of the device, press the fire button three times. This will change the mode of the device from BRA to SMART mode.
  4. To clear the puff counter, hold power and the bottom button simultaneously.
  5. If you want to set the device time, press all three buttons simultaneously. To come up with a correct graph, you must press it daily.
  6. Hold the up and down button to know the number of puff counts after a day. The device will display a graph that shows your daily puff counts—the device stores the data for up to two weeks.

How Do I Charge the Voopoo Drag and How Long Will It Last?

Charging the Voopoo drag is so easy you should not panic about how to recharge it. A Voopoo drag has a type C charger that helps in recharging it.

 All you need to do is insert the cable on the port and allow it to charge as it displays the percentage charge on the screen. The device has a battery capacity of 2600mAh. If you decide to vape on an average of forty and sixty wattages, you must recharge only in the evening.

The Performance of Voopoo Drag

A Voopoo drag is well known for producing a large cloud and an incredible flavor. The device produces a large amount of cloud because it has a well-designed mesh coil producing huge airflow. The button fire in a Voopoo drag activates after every 0.001 seconds; thus, a smoker does not need to wait long to take another puff.

This feature enables the device to produce a flavorsome plume.

The Pros and Cons of using Voopoo drag

It has a great flavor.

It is the best option for habit breaking

Voopoo drag vaping is discrete

It is slightly bulky

Final Remarks

A Voopoo drag is a better option for consumers who love cloud smoking. Would you love to taste Voopoo drag but don’t know where to get it? The device is available in online shops that offer vape products, such as West Coast vape supply.