Pods play a vital role in the vaping scene. They hold the vape juice and are used in place of a vape tank. Pods are manufactured by different vape brands and each device comes with different features, meant to appeal to the needs of different consumers.

Pods are very easy to fix and have consequently become very famous in the vaping industry. Vuse epod pods and Stlth pods are two of the most widely used pods on the market. The attention to detail that their manufacturing brand puts into their manufacture has hugely contributed to their success. This review looks at the top features that set these two pods apart from the best. 

Pod package

The vuse epod pod package is packed with two pods, each carrying 1.9ml of vape juice. That is to say; both pods offer a total of 3.8ml of vape juice, which is strong to provide very fruitful vaping sessions.

On the other hand, Stlth pods are packed as three pods in a package, but each pod contains 2ml of vape juice, making it 6ml vape juice, which is a very strong concentration for the most successful long vaping adventures. Stlth pods are likely to produce puffier smoke due to the higher vape juice capacity.


The Vuse epod pods are compatible with Vuse ePod 2. This Vuse vape is feature rich and provides excellent vapor and flavor products. The Stlth pods are compatible with all Stlth devices.

Nicotine free option

Stlth pods have a nicotine-free option at the time of purchase that gives you a chance to enjoy the vape with zero nicotine by selecting the 0mg category nicotine strength. This pod is ideal for people who do not consume nicotine even though they engage in vaping.

Vype epods pod also has the nicotine-free option that ensures smokers who do not consume nicotine are also considered.

Nicotine strengths

Stlth pods have a range of nicotine strengths ranging between 20mg, bold 35, and bold 50. Bold 35 and bold 20 are the recent developments that aim to ensure people enjoy stronger hits at the recommended nicotine strength of 20mg even though the experience is 35mg or 50mg. These pods are perfect for smokers who are switching from traditional tobacco vapes as they offer a smooth transition.

Alternatively, vype epod pods have a range of nicotine strengths depending on the level you wish to purchase. The levels are nicotine-free to a low level, a medium level, and then a very strong level of 18mg.


Stlth pods have a wide range of flavors developed by combining different fruits’ tastes. These pod flavors give consumers a reason to choose them due to their perfect taste and the lingering taste they leave on your taste buds.

Vuse epod pods have thirty flavor options to choose from, all of which have been professionally crafted by flavor experts to incorporate the taste of tobacco and a fruity flavor without compromising the concentration of tobacco in the pods.


Both Vuse epod pod and Stlth pod are life-saving products by top vape brands and have brought so much convenience to the world of vapes. If you are looking for the perfect pods to purchase, any of these two is a great option depending on your desired qualities.

Where to purchase the Vuse and Stlth pods

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