The Elder Dragon is from Wotofo has to be one of the best RDAs around for flavor chasers. Wotofo created the Elder Dragon in collaboration with Japanese YouTuber Ryusei Sakaue. This is a perfect RDA for beginners. Now, if you search online, you’ll find that the Elder Dragon is also called the Ryujin RDA. Well, Ryujin is the Japanese word for dragon. This RDA was apparently inspired by the Dragon God in Japanese mythology.

The Wotofo Elder Dragon is shaped like a pagoda, which is a building for worship in Japanese culture. The shape of this RDA is unique. It measures 29mm by 22mm. It is made of 316 Stainless Steel.

The Wotofo Elder Dragon comes with a colorful resin 810 drip tip. You will also find an 810 Delrin drip tip in the package as well as a 510 adapter. This means you can fit a 510 drip tip on this RDA. The drip tips that it comes with are perfect RDA drip tips, in my opinion.

There are four airflow holes on the top cap of the Wotofo Elder Dragon – two on either side. The holes aren’t very large. Nonetheless, you will get sizable clouds of vapor from this RDA. As indicated above, I feel it is geared more to flavor chasers than cloud chasers.

When you remove the top cap, you will find the unique build deck of the device. When I first saw it, I was wondering about the shape. Then I read online and found out that the design was inspired by Tai Chi, which is quite cool, in my opinion. You will notice that the four airflow holes are angled downward. This means when you take a puff, the air travels down to your coils before coming up to your mouth. The Elder Dragon RDA has a clamp-style postless build deck. This is a single coil RDA, and it is quite easy to fix a coil. Simply loosen the screws a bit, put your coil in and tighten the screws in place. You will notice that there are four holes to fit in the coil, although this is a single coil RDA. Well, this is to allow you choose to install your coil either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The RDA comes with two Clapton coils as well as a coil trimming tool, an Allen key, screwdriver, cotton, and other accessories. If you need more coils, you can get the juggernaut coil at the Wotofo vape shop. Another remarkable thing about the build deck of the Elder Dragon is that the juice wells are pretty deep.

The Wotofo Elder Dragon is recommended for seasoned vapers because you need to get a grip of coil resistance and ohm’s law to use this device safely. There is an Ohms calculator at the Wotofo official website that you can use to figure is your coil build is suitable for this device.

The Wotofo Elder Dragon comes with a 510 pin as well as a squonk pin. Therefore, you can choose to use this device as a squonker or with a regular 510 mod.

You can get the Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA at the Wotofo online store for just $15.99 – this is $9 off the original price of this product.