In recent years, there has been a wave of health consciousness spreading across the world. People are reassessing the things we thought we knew about things that have become part of our lifestyle like the food we eat and cigarettes we smoke and are realizing that we were very wrong. We always thought eating meat was harmless, but it is very harmful to the environment and is not very good for our health. In the same way, although the dangers of smoking cigarettes have been well publicized over the years, a lot of people have struggled to kick the habit due to the lack of suitable alternatives.

Just like Beyond Meat has created an alternative that tastes and has the same texture as meat, TAAT’s Beyond Tobacco is a hemp-based alternative that mimics the sensory experience associated with smoking cigarettes.

The people behind TAAT understand the deficiencies of nicotine replacement products. That’s why TAAT was created to mimic every aspect of the cigarette smoking experience. TAAT engages all your senses. It smells, tastes, feels sounds and looks just like tobacco cigarettes. Now, if you’re thinking – how was this possible? The secret is in their patent-pending refinement technique that transforms raw hemp plants into the tobacco-like alternative they aptly describe as Beyond Tobacco. 

TAAT cigarettes are made of water, organic hemp grown in the United States, and a secret blend of natural flavoring. That’s all. Nothing else. 

Apart from helping you break your nicotine addiction and saving you from the harmful effects of smoking tobacco, TAATs also gives you the powerful health benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. Each stick of TAAT cigarettes contains 25% CBD and less than 0.2% THC. The fact that TAATs contain less than the legally mandated 0.3% THC in hemp products, it is legal in all states in the country where the sale of hemp-derived products is permitted by law. 

Are you wondering how smoking TAAT would make you feel? Well, it makes you feel calm. The effect you get from smoking TAATs is completely different from what you’ll experience from smoking a tobacco cigarette. But it is just as good. Thanks to its high level of CBD, TAATs are great for combating the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. It can be used by anyone looking to benefit from the healing properties of CBD. 

TAAT cigarettes come in different flavors, and there’s an option for you regardless of what type of tobacco cigarettes you prefer. Original was inspired by the flavor of cigarette brands like Marlboro Red, Winston, and American Spirit Blue. Smooth tastes like Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, and Pall Mall Blue. Menthol tastes like Marlboro Menthol, Newport, and KOOL. 

In addition to all the perks of smoking TAAT over tobacco cigarettes, these Beyond Tobacco alternatives are also very affordable. A pack of TAAT with 20 sticks costs only $6.99, which is cheaper than new smoke packs. A carton of TAAT (with 10 packs) costs only $58.99.

The people behind TAAT are so confident of the quality of their product that they’re offering a free pack. To get a free pack of TAAT, simply visit and use the promo code ‘FREEPACK’.